Is this the end of the traditional office?

Businesses have adapted the way they work more so over the past few months than they ever have before. Previously, working from home was a rarity; a luxury in many cases, however, it has now become a common way of working. But what does this mean for the traditional...

Bake a difference for Cancer Research Wales

Pic Credit: SuppliedEvery 30 minutes, someone in Wales is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Research Wales is an independent Welsh charity dedicated to funding world-class cancer research for the benefit of people in Wales. Unfortunately, cancer won’t stop for COVID, and...

Severn Office Partners with Against Breast Cancer

Pic Credit: SuppliedDuring Lockdown this has been a very difficult time for many businesses like Severn Office Solutions, so they looked at various ways they could offer different services, diversify, and help their customers. Cancer has affected us in so many ways so...

Goodsheds bringing the good times to Barry

Pic Credit: @properlushh on InstagramWe all know lockdown has had a massive impact on businesses, not least the local high street, but as lockdown restrictions have been eased, the brand new sustainable urban high street has emerged in the form of Goodsheds in Barry. ...

So you don’t think IP is relevant to you?

Intellectual Property (IP) is often referred to as “creations of the mind”.  It’s there to give you protection for your innovation and creativity – the stuff that makes you stand out from your competitors.  IP is used as an umbrella term for a bundle of different...


Fed of endless Google searches, wading through LinkedIn posts and battling with pop-ups on business blogs and articles trying to find relevant news and advice for your business?

If you’re a business owner who enjoys an alternative, light-hearted approach to your news, are based in Cardiff or the Vale of Glamorgan or want to find out about other businesses in your area, then keep reading! 

Business In The City is the place to get your business news, information and support. We aren’t like other business news sites. If you’re expecting dry, straight-laced content, then we’re not going to be friends! 

Business In The City brings together, articles, expert interviews, advice, events all without the acronyms, jargon or buzzwords. If you’re looking to pivot your business outside of the box using blue-sky thinking while circling back to KPIs, looking at the ROI and getting results by COP, then this probably isn’t the place for you!

All of our content is up-to-date and relevant to you and your business. We value your time, and ours, so we promise that you won’t have to scroll through endless boring articles to find that one gem you need. We’ve created a treasure trove of information, packed full of gems just waiting for you to discover it! 


Business In The City was set up by me, Katrina. I’ve been self-employed for six years with my own business Cariad Creative, where I help small businesses get more leads from their website, with professional and effective web design and online marketing support. As a business owner, I was tired and fed up of trying to find the advice I wanted. I was looking for one place that I could go to to get everything I needed, in a way I could easily understand without being bamboozled (it’s not that hard to be honest!)

Katrina, founder of Business In The City

Running around after my 3-year-old daughter doesn’t leave me with much time so I wanted everything in one place. News, advice, and local businesses that I knew I could go to for help. My husband is self-employed too so I live the business owners life day in and day out. The good, the bad, the ugly – we’ve seen it all and are still here to tell the tale! 

It is my aim to share as much valuable content as I can as frequently as possible, making it easy for you to keep up-to-date while building your local network. I want to shake off the boring, dull image of business news and create a place that is jargon-free, fun and colourful. That’s what’s at the heart of Business In The City!

Well then…

What are you waiting for? Dive in! Take full advantage of what we have to offer and get involved. Our Facebook group The Business Lounge is a friendly, no-questions-are-stupid community of like-minded business owners. I’m six years into the journey and I’m still learning. I don’t think you ever stop but you do need help to keep going. Come be part of our community and let us join you on your amazing journey!