Is this the end of the traditional office?

Businesses have adapted the way they work more so over the past few months than they ever have before. Previously, working from home was a rarity; a luxury in many cases, however, it has now become a common way of working. But what does this mean for the traditional...

Bake a difference for Cancer Research Wales

Pic Credit: SuppliedEvery 30 minutes, someone in Wales is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Research Wales is an independent Welsh charity dedicated to funding world-class cancer research for the benefit of people in Wales. Unfortunately, cancer won’t stop for COVID, and...

Severn Office Partners with Against Breast Cancer

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Goodsheds bringing the good times to Barry

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So you don’t think IP is relevant to you?

Intellectual Property (IP) is often referred to as “creations of the mind”.  It’s there to give you protection for your innovation and creativity – the stuff that makes you stand out from your competitors.  IP is used as an umbrella term for a bundle of different...

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post in one of the groups I’m in, asking, if I had an unexpected bill for £100 that was due tomorrow, how would I find the money to pay for it? Easy… I’d sell one of my 1:1 online consultations. However, the answers I saw from others were quite different.

They varied from, selling old clothes, books, put in on a credit card, and the couple that wrote something about selling in their business, they said that they would add more stock or try to promote “XYZ” more.

This got me thinking about the mindset of some business owners, and how they perceive their own business. Just for clarity, this was in a business group where I assume 99% of the people in it are business owners.

If you’re first thought to make more money is to sell personal belongings rather than sell something you made/created as part of your business or can offer your expertise in, how do you expect your potential customers to WANT to buy your products/services, if you don’t think it’s good enough to make £100 in? If selling second hand clothes is your best way to make £100 and that’s not your business… maybe it should be!

And if adding more items to your website, pushing a certain product or service will make you a £100 in 24hrs… why aren’t you doing that already?

Success is seen in different ways by different people. For me, success is making money doing something I love, whilst being able to be there for my family. That may seem like I want my cake and eat it, but I know it’s possible.. so I am now using every opportunity I see to promote my business; sell more; make more money – isn’t that what business is all about?

I tell my clients that you don’t have to do everything when it comes to marketing your business, but it’s important to take advantage of the ones could genuinely benefit your business. There are so many opportunities to promote your business; your social media profiles, Facebook Groups (check rules first), relevant online directories and websites (like Business In The City!), in person at events (when we’re allowed again), in print such as leaflets, banners and magazines. When you see an opportunity where you know your ideal client may see your business, take it. Use every chance you can, as that is the only way you will get your business seen and noticed by your target audience. 

If you know it will make you money. Do it.