The Human Side of Redundancy

The spectre of redundancy looms large over many of us at this time; if you’re an employer your emotions might be cycling through fear, failure, despair and anger.  And if you’re an employee on the receiving end of that redundancy notice you’re also likely to be...

How to make more sales online this Christmas

We know that online shopping has been on the rise for some time, even before the pandemic. However, this year has seen businesses being forced to embrace the online space, to ensure they survive and provide customers the option to shop online with them.  Nevertheless,...

Come along to the Online Cardiff Christmas Indie Market

Business and The City has teamed up with Cardiff Indie Collective to bring you the Online Cardiff Christmas Indie Market! There is no denying it’s been a hard year for small businesses and with many Christmas fayres and markets being cancelled or under restrictions,...

Be someones shot of Whisky rather than everyone’s cup of tea | Penderyn Distillery

Pic Credit: SuppliedWhen Penderyn Distillery was launched, the idea of a Welsh Whisky wasn't everyone's, well, cup of tea. But that didn't stop Stephen Davies and the founders of the business. Twenty years on, Penderyn Distillery have not only put Wales on the map...

Latest Government support for businesses

As further restrictions have come into force for what looks like the next 6 months, the impact on the economy continues. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak announced this afternoon the new measures the government are taking to help protect jobs and support...

(As more of us are making a conscious effort to be more mindful of the environment and how are actions impact our planet, there are steps we can take in our businesses to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some of my top tips you can implement in your business, if you haven’t already!


If your business requires printing or if you prefer to use a pen and paper for notes, consider switching to more sustainable office supplies such as compostable notebooks, recycled paper, biodegradable pens, and setting printers to double sided printing to reduce paper usage. It is worth checking to see what digial alternatives there are for these tasks too.


If you’re like me and are fueled by coffee, investing in a reusable coffee cup for those trips to coffee shops (when we’re allowed to take our own cups in again!) is ideal. Alternatively, ensure you recycle your single use cup when you do visit a coffee shop in the meantime. However, if you have a coffee machine at home, try to look out for pods that are biodegradable.


Shopping local means there is less of a carbon footprint as many of items are sourced locally with less packaging. This can include, ingredients, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, are ways you can support your local businesses and be sustainable at the same time.


We all know networking is a great way to generate more business, but more often than not, these meetings are held in locations that require you to drive there. At the moment these meetings are not going ahead in person, so meetings are being held online, which is great for reducing out carbon footprint. However when we’re able to go attend meetings in person again and social distancing is no longer a requirement, why not consider doing a car share with a few other networking members. You reduce your carbon footprint and you also get a little extra networking time!


Whether you have a brick and mortar business or you work from home, you’re using electricity and gas. Get an energy audit to see how much energy you’re using from your utilities provider and see how you can reduce your usage, or even switch to a more eco friendly provider. You can also improve insulation, setting lights to timers, turn your computers off when you’re not using them and set devices to battery saving modes to contribute to reducing your energy usage.


Did you know that using internet consumes natural resources, similar to air travel? Whilst this is a very small percentage (about 2% globally) and individual usage has a relatively low impact, you could consider using sustainable search engines and switching to an eco-friendly website hosting package.