Is this the end of the traditional office?

Businesses have adapted the way they work more so over the past few months than they ever have before. Previously, working from home was a rarity; a luxury in many cases, however, it has now become a common way of working. But what does this mean for the traditional...

Bake a difference for Cancer Research Wales

Pic Credit: SuppliedEvery 30 minutes, someone in Wales is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Research Wales is an independent Welsh charity dedicated to funding world-class cancer research for the benefit of people in Wales. Unfortunately, cancer won’t stop for COVID, and...

Severn Office Partners with Against Breast Cancer

Pic Credit: SuppliedDuring Lockdown this has been a very difficult time for many businesses like Severn Office Solutions, so they looked at various ways they could offer different services, diversify, and help their customers. Cancer has affected us in so many ways so...

Goodsheds bringing the good times to Barry

Pic Credit: @properlushh on InstagramWe all know lockdown has had a massive impact on businesses, not least the local high street, but as lockdown restrictions have been eased, the brand new sustainable urban high street has emerged in the form of Goodsheds in Barry. ...

So you don’t think IP is relevant to you?

Intellectual Property (IP) is often referred to as “creations of the mind”.  It’s there to give you protection for your innovation and creativity – the stuff that makes you stand out from your competitors.  IP is used as an umbrella term for a bundle of different...

Running a business is expensive and with various expenses to think about, investing in software isn’t always possible. With lots of free tools now available, all claiming to help you solve your business problems, it’s hard to tell which is worthwhile. I have put together my ten favourite free business tools, that help me run my businesses more efficiently


Canva is an online graphic design tool, with a drag- and- drop feature. It is best used to create branded social media posts and other online graphics. Available through their website and phone app, Canva also has a number of pre-made layouts which makes it quicker and easier to create your designs.


Zoom is a video conferencing software, that allows you to schedule one2one video calls, group meetings, with the facility to call in from your desktop or mobile phone. The perfect tool to help keep in contact with clients across the UK and beyond.


Perfect for organising and keeping projects on track with clients and team members. Slack allows you to create different channels, to keep work organised, upload files to share documents and gain feedback on work and archive progress


Whilst I actually don’t recommend scheduling your social media posts, sometimes it’s not possible to post everything in real time. If you need/want to schedule your social media posts in advance to save time and maintain your presence online you can use a 3rd party scheduling platform. Most are paid for, but Hootsuite offers the best free option. (Top tip: use Facebooks built-in scheduling tool for Facebook posts)


If you need to carry out market research, or collect customer feedback after an event, project or campaign, Survey Monkey is a powerful tool, that will help you collect your data.


Google Analytics is essential to understanding how your business is performing online. Use to monitor and evaluate who visits your website, where they are, how they found you, what they did on your site and how long they stayed, plus much more.


If you can’t afford professional photography for your marketing assets like your website and social media posts, stock imagery is a great alternative. Well known stock imagery providers like, iStock and Shutterstock are paid for services, however Unsplash and Pixabay provide free stock imagery for you to download and use. (Always check usage rights before downloading)


Sending mass emails for campaigns through MailChimp is free easy and to use. The free option allows you up to 2k contacts with a drag-and-drop campaign builder and pre-made designs for you to choose from.


Keep your important files backed up with Dropbox. The free plan gives you 2GB of storage, but you can upgrade your account if you need more. Once you have purchased your own hosting and domain package, WordPress is a free platform, with hundreds of free themes and plugins to create a professional website.


Once you have purchased your own hosting and domain package, WordPress is a free platform, with hundreds of free themes and plugins to create a professional website.